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Dorcas C. Chandler

I was at conference with business executives. This conference had to do with how business owners and executives could build a successful business. On the platform there was a gray headed man, who came on stage and introduced himself as the conference director and speaker.

“Hello everyone. I will be your guest speaker for tonight.  My name is Mr. Kurkright. Before I get started I always like to know a little bit about my audience. You might all be wondering, ‘well… who are you?’  In short, I am the person who will be asking the questions tonight—not good right”, (the audience laughed). “I get it.  I know that you came expecting to receive knowledge from someone who will lecture you.  What most of us don’t understand is that the person sitting right next to us has just as much or more information than the person doing all of the talking.  Trust me you will walk away from this conference full and ready to not only take back information from someone who has lectured you for an hour, but being full, I mean full, with understanding that those you associate with and sit right next to you, and you yourself as a business owner or executive, can impact the world around you with your knowledge.

Ok enough. Here are my questions to a couple of people in the audience. I will just choose people randomly. And the question that I ask will require an honest answer and response. My question is this; what did your parent(s) or person raising you contribute to your success of being a successful business person?”  He looked over the audience and pointed his finger at a man sitting in the third row.  “Sir, right there in the green shirt.  Please stand so we all can hear you.”  

The man took a deep breath and reluctantly stood up. He said, “You know what comes to my mind and I use every day is this: When I was a little boy, my family’s house was next to a railroad track. Growing up as a child I always liked to play on the railroad track because I liked to throw rocks.  Every time my dad would see me on the railroad tracks, he would come and grab me by the arm and say, ‘it's not safe to play on the railroad tracks.’ My reply would always be, ‘But Dad, I like to throw the rocks.’ He would always respond back in a harsh tone of voice, ‘I don’t care.  Just because you like to do something doesn't make it right. If something is not safe you shouldn't do it.’ That's what my dad taught me.  Today I am an investor and when I look at an investment, no matter how good it looks or whether I want to do it or not, if it's not safe I won't do it. I always hear my dad and ask myself one question, ‘Is it safe?’”  He took his seat.  The audience applauded him because that was a very powerful statement.

Then Mr. Kurtright searched the audience for someone else.  “I need the same question answered please.”  He turned to this lady that was seated on the second row and said, “Ma’am the same question please.”

She stood up in full confidence.  “I know exactly what my parents did for me. They educated me. I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't have the education to move up the corporate ladder and be in the corporate world. My education has made me who I am and it's because my parents invested in my education, and made sure that I was equipped to go out into the world. I  now own seven retail stores. Thank you.” The people this time just sat in silence as she took her seat.

I sat there and I said, “Wow these people really have it together – great parents.” Then the instructor said, “We have time for one more.”  He pointed at me. I said, “Oh no.”

“What did your parents do to cause you to be successful?”

I had to pause and think because my parents had done so much, and played such a vital role in my life. But I was wondering what that one thing was because my parents were not rich.  They did not have the money to send me to school like the lady who just sat down.  I had to work my way through school. I stood up and out of my mouth came the word, “Persistence”.  I was silent. That's all I said was persistence.

He looked at me and said, “Is that it?”

I said, “Yes that's what my parents gave me and that's the reason I am who I am today.  You see my dad worked at a chicken factory In North Carolina, had four children and wanted a better life for his family. There was a man who was moving to California to start a paper company and my Dad asked him if he would take him with him. My parents moved to California.  My dad, not having a high school diploma, took a job as janitor. He went back to school and got his GED. Then he went to college and got his degree. Started working at one of the largest Aerospace companies in the area. He went in as a janitor and then they finally hired him as a technician. When he retired he had worked his way all the way up to superintendent of one of the largest Aerospace companies in our area. That's what I saw in my parents, ‘persistence’. They just kept at it and I do the same.”

Why did I share this story?  It was so powerful and can be applicable to weight loss and applied to everyday life skills. If there is something we're doing in life and we are investing our time or our energy in, the first thing we need to do is ask ourselves: Is this safe for what I am trying to do and  will it yield the dividends in my life that I'm seeking? Especially, if we are trying to improve our health. Is the taste of food or skipping our exercise time good for the goal that we have committed to invest in for better health?  It is important for us to educate ourselves about food and weight loss. We cannot expect someone else to do everything for us. We must learn how to properly read food labels so that we can see the health properties to insure that we get the results that we are striving for.  Without proper education regarding food and its contents, we can be failing at a process that we have chosen to invest in. Putting food in our mouth without education will cost us something at the weight scale.  After we read labels, we need to make a conscious decision about our choices—are we willing to stay on track with our commitments or are we going to give up because maybe the scale is not giving us what we desire or what we were looking for. All kinds of reasons will try to pull us back or hinder us from making healthy choices to do the right thing. Also extreme weight loss can sometimes cause psychological and emotional strain on the mind if we have not done our homework or do not have a support system in place.   I simply say to us:  let's be persistent. Persistence sometimes seems like it will never pay off.  There were times I have gone to the doctor and I really worked hard for 3 months – only to lose three pounds or sometimes seven.  I started in 2015 and I'm now in 2017 and have not accomplished the goals that I set for myself for weight loss. But I'm determined to keep going. Someone asked me about weight loss and how they simply give up because it can be so discouraging. They told me it's because when they work hard and don't see results, they quit. Even when we don't think we're seeing the results we want to see, if we're committed to the process, that's still a good thing—even in hard places.  When we mess up or when situations are not favorable, let's just keep at it! Together we can do it! Just make a commitment and say, “I choose to be healthy—not an easy statement, but durable.” If you need support, just remember, “weight is more than food”. I hope this has helped you. You can email me at: 














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