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Michelle Adams

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Choosing = Responsibility

Choosing equals responsibility.  Responsibility is different than accountability which we mentioned earlier.  Accountability is more of an “after the fact” word and responsibility is a “before the fact” word.  It’s like knowing you are responsible for getting up and going to work/school or you are responsible for paying your bills.  Being responsible for your choices and your actions says there are expectations on you. 

The good part is you set the expectations yourself.  You are responsible for what you choose to eat or not eat and for if you choose to exercise or not exercise.  You are responsible for who you allow to go on the journey with you and who you exclude from the journey.  Being responsible allows you to set up the guidelines for yourself.

 Choosing = Sacrifice

I read somewhere that one of the reasons people do not like to choose is because it requires sacrifice.  Choosing means there are at least two things you can select from.  That means that you are sacrificing something.  When I choose to eat healthy I am sacrificing my soda and my unhealthy food.  And when I choose to eat unhealthy I am sacrificing myself by putting foods in me that are not good for me.  Choosing to park in a stall far away from the store and walk to the store means sacrificing parking up front and walking a few steps to the store. 

Just the word sacrifice brings up images of giving up something good.  Yet, maybe we can think of it as sacrificing for a greater good.  If I sacrifice my time sitting on the couch watching television for thirty minutes of walking my heart will become healthier and my muscles stronger.  The question is – “what are we willing to sacrifice for our greater good?”

Choosing = Trust

Do you trust yourself to make decisions for yourself?  Do you trust yourself to follow through?  To choose means to trust ourselves.  Trust that you are the best person to make a choice/decision for and about yourself.  A workout video may say that you need to do four sets of fifteen of an exercise however you may feel that is too much for your body.  You decide to alter the workout and do four sets of ten.  Someone else may say that you are not giving your best, however you know your body and you stick to your decision.  That is trusting yourself to know what is best for you.  Maybe over the next month or two you work up to four sets of fifteen – or maybe not. 

Trust yourself and know that perfection is not a destination.  You are on a journey to your wellness and there are times you will set a goal and reach it just as there are times you will not reach it.  Trust yourself on the journey.

"Choosing = Unhappiness"

How nice it would be if we could always be happy.  But that is not how life works.  Sometimes things/events bring us unhappiness.  The act of choosing can make us unhappy like when we are sacrificing something we want for something we know is best for us.  Choosing can also bring unhappiness because we can face a challenge that we are not sure we can meet.  Unhappiness can be uncomfortable and lead us to choosing something to relieve the discomfort.  It’s like setting a goal to walk two miles at a fast pace and then halfway in your legs start to sting and tingle.  To ease the discomfort you decide to walk at a slow pace. 

Unhappiness and discomfort are a part of growth.  From stretching our muscles to stretching our minds – both require us to push ourselves from our comfort zones.  This change can bring about unhappiness and this unhappiness can catapult us to our next level.

"Choosing = Vulnerable"

Being vulnerable means being in a position to be physically or emotionally attacked or hurt.  When we make choices, we put our feeling and sometimes our bodies on the line. We are being vulnerable when we share with others that we are on a journey to get healthy.  Why?  Because when we make a detour from that journey we are open to their criticism.  We are being vulnerable when we walk into a gym with our insecurities about our weight.  We are even vulnerable to ourselves as we declare to ourselves that we vow to live differently.  As we make choices let’s be aware that we may be hurt, but let’s trust ourselves enough to know that no matter what we are resilient. 

 "Choosing = Willing/Willingness

Choosing means being willing.  It’s being willing to make a different choice if you feel it’s necessary.  Being willing to stand firm in your choice even if no one supports you in it.  Being willing to trust and believe in yourself. Your willingness is a form of being open based on what you feel is necessary.  Being open to change as well as open to boundaries you may need to set for yourself or others.  This being open may also come in the form of being unmovable in what you have chosen.  Have you ever decided to do something and someone you know told you that you should do it a different way – or you shouldn’t do it at all?  When you apply willingness, you evaluate your choice and the information you received from them and then you can either be willing to stick to your initial choice or take their suggestion into consideration and make another choice.  The main point is – you are willing to make the choice for yourself.    

"Choosing = X’d"

The “X” mark has multiple meaning.  It can mean that you are selecting something like when you vote and you put an “x” in the box.  It can mean that you are crossing out something as if you made an error or that you want to block out what was there and start anew.  For choosing the “x” mark is good for both options.  “X” can mean that we are choosing to “x” out unhealthy foods and behaviors for healthier choices.  Let “X” mark our spot and represent us selecting what is best for us.

"Choosing = You"

The most important part of making a choice is “You”.  So often many of us have been taught to put other first and to sacrifice ourselves for someone else.  There is a reason that when flying they teach you to put on your oxygen mask first.  It’s because if you don’t take care of yourself first – you will not be able to take care of anyone else.  This includes; choosing to rest instead of attending an event that someone has invited you to attend.  It’s choosing to allow others to do things for themselves even though they expect you to do it for them.  Putting yourself first is also about sending an internal message to yourself that you are important.  Important enough to do what feels good/best to you.  It allows you to tune into yourself and learn who you are and what you want.  The best part about choosing yourself is this power of choice is solely in your hands. 

Choosing = Zigzag

Setting the goal and making the choice to follow it is the starting point.  In our mind we can see where we are starting and what we want in the end.  The middle part is rarely a straight line.  The middle is where we zigzag.  It is where bumps, valleys, and hills pop up and we have to zigzag for our straight course as we continue to work to get to our goal.  When we are choosing to eat healthy our zigzags can include;  oh….I ate a ½ of cake, I ate fast food, I did not eat any veggies...and the list can go on.  When we are choosing to watch our health it can look like;  I did not work-out, I did not take my medication, I’m not follow the doctors’ orders because they were too much.   

The wonderful part about working towards our goals is to know that zigzags are part of the process and not allowing ourselves to quit as we encounter them.  We must also know our
goal (s) are still obtainable.  Remember – there are multiple ways to get to a destination i.e. a train, a plane, a bus, a car, a bicycle, a motorcycle, skates, walking, running, and some I don’t even know about.  And not everyone uses the same method.  If you have an accountability partner; you know the person you talk to and the two of you keep one another on track, and they seem to be doing well and you feel like you are behind.  It’s ok because you are getting to your goal your way.  Zigzag from things come up, but keep going until you reach your goal.  Hopefully it’s for overall health – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  


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